Monday, April 7, 2008

Mark Lunsford head to Washington with his computer that had CHILD PORN ON IT?

How can we let this happen within our Government? The law is clear and while we all feel his pain for the lost of his daughter. That does not negate his own crimes as per the FBI statement below. Just because he has been though enough per the state of Florida’s Attorney Pete Magrino. What we do not understand is how so many people can be in jails for having possession, on their computer. Then along comes Mark Lunsford, which admits he looked at naked ladies? The question begs itself what age the naked ladies were. After the police found Child Porn on his computer and now this week, he will go to Washington to lobby for the exact thing that they found on his computer and did noting about it. Where is “JUSTICE” How can our congressional representatives even listen to this man that openly admitted looking at porn on the internet. Notwithstanding the fact that they found “CHILD PORN “on his computer. There are so many cases out there where people have been caught with Child Porn that are locked up. Just because as they have said below it was in the delete bin. Then they do not prosecute because “he has been though enough per Attorney Pete Magrino”. This is insane that he will go there to Washington DC and lobby for a law that he himself has committed and got away with it. How can this be? Let us be clear we just want the fair treatment for all Humankind.

As per the Citrus County Chronicle:
Contacted by phone, Lunsford said he was not worried about the latest details emerging from the case. He said he looked at nude photos of women, but that he never looked at child pornography."I never touched that (stuff)," he said.Saying it was "embarrassing," he said he did look at adult pornography on the Internet by clicking on links but that he never actually opened any files. He said he remembered talking to investigators about the images during their investigation and told them what images he viewed, and that he was assured everything was fine.He feels such behavior, as long as it's legal, should remain private but said he understood why the information was released. But like Magrino, he said he's not getting distracted from his own mission.He said he continues pressing for tougher sex offender laws across the nation, including a radio interview with a North Carolina radio station and attending hearings in Kentucky. He said that won't change now."My focus is on tougher laws for predators. If you don't like me because I look at naked women, I don't care," Lunsford said. "I'm not putting a black mark on my daughter's name." When one looks up the word “PERVERT” that would define Mark Lunsford as he has stated here not to mention that it is a none fact that people that look at this stuff could become a offender themselves.

Why did Florida do this to Mr. Fullwood when the found Child Porn on his computer in the guess where “DELETE BIN”

Mr. Fullwood is NOT suspected of killing his daughter. During the investigation into her death however, just like in Mark Lunsford’s case, police found evidence of child pornography on Mr. Fullwood’s computer.

However, in this case the Florida Department of Law Enforcement did a complete backflip. The State of Florida ruthlessly took custody of Mr. Fullwood’s four remaining children and has denied him and his (common law) wife unsupervised visits. The State then charged him with two counts of child pornography. He was arrested and jailed on $50,000.00 bond. His trial is set to begin this July.

Teacher charged with having child porn on computer
Saturday, June 9, 2007The Associated Press

If this teacher was charged then after reading the below we are sure you will agree that Mark Lunsford should be as well.
Well all we can say is that some of us better stop this Mark Lunsford from going to Washington this week, and before our Congressmen and lobbying for the same thing that he is guilty of. How can we let this man stand before our Gov't and ask that a Child Porn Law be supported when he was found to have it on his own home computer, see the excuse they use below! The FBI Law is clear about even having possession, which he had on his computer. SEE: News Story and FACTS:
FBI Special Agent Pete Gulotta: The law is very clear that transmission of child pornography is a crime. In fact, the mere possession of child pornography is a crime. There are numerous Federal statutes that pertain to the possession, transportation of child pornography, travelling interstate with intent to have sex with a minor, coercing a minor into travelling interstate to have sex, manufacture of child pornography, etc. Numerous successful prosecutions have resulted from the application of these statues.
Story on the news all over about them finding it on his computer. Just because it was in a delete bin does not mean that he could not restore it at any time he wanted. Now his son Joshua Lunsford is charged with Sex Crime in Ohio.
Monday, Jul 18, 2005 - 11:12:25 pm EDT
State attorney says computer records don't warrant charges
By Dave Pieklik
According to documents released Monday afternoon, investigators say they discovered child pornography on Mark Lunsford's home computer.
Lunsford, the father of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford, who was killed in February, denies looking at the images, while the sheriff's office says none of the images had been "downloaded, filed or saved." “SNIP” FBI says different!
The 852 pages made public by the State Attorney's office in Brooksville contained transcripts of interviews with accused killer John Couey's housemates Dorothy Dixon, Matthew Dittrich and Madie Secord and also information about the hundreds of leads investigators checked out during the opening days of Jessica Lunsford's disappearance.
Prosecutors continue to prepare for their capital murder case against Couey, who they say admitted to kidnapping and murdering the 9-year-old Homosassa girl.
He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.
Contained in the documents released by the State Attorney's office were notes from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement that mention the pornography. The images, documents say, were found Feb. 24 -- the day Jessica was reported missing from her South Sonata Avenue home -- by Citrus County sheriff's detectives during their investigation of the missing girl.
Though the documents did not go into specifics about the images, Assistant State Attorney Pete Magrino said the images were found on Lunsford's computer. However, he said his office is not pursuing charges. WHY?
"There was no evidence found by law enforcement that the computer was used in the manufacturing or production of child pornography, only that there were a limited number of items that were viewed," Magrino said. "To expend additional law enforcement resources and prosecutor resources to make a case, when balancing societal goals. I mean, Mr. Lunsford's been through enough."
Along with the images, a list of more than 50 "sexually oriented" Web sites that Lunsford visited on the morning before Jessica disappeared was released by prosecutors last month. Talking in his office Monday, Magrino declined to give an exact number of images that investigators found, but said it was in the "single digits." THESE ARE PUBLIC RECORDS HOW CAN A STATE ATTORNEY “DECLINE TO GIVE AN EXACT NUMBER?”
He said while Lunsford said he viewed pornographic images, the questionable images could have gotten on the computer any number of ways, such as through "pop-ups" or by accident.
Sheriff spokeswoman Gail Tierney said a "handful" of images were found by members of the sheriff's computer forensics unit in the computers delete bin. She said the images had not been downloaded, filed or saved.
Tierney said Sheriff Jeff Dawsy has been "in agreement" with the State Attorney about not pressing charges because the office felt Lunsford has been through enough, and added that any attempt at prosecution "would have been challenging" because the images had not been saved.
Magrino acknowledged there would likely be some public outcry concerning the images and his office's decision not to prosecute. He theorized the Public Defender's Office might even use the information to build its case for defending John Couey, the man accused of Jessica's kidnapping and murder
The names are familiar, Mark Lunsford, whose daughter Jessica was kidnapped from her Florida home. Her body was found three weeks later.
If we can just make this a safer place for them to grow up, not see Internet porn, God forbid, be kidnapped, we want that to stop," DeMauro said.
These parents go to Washington DC on Monday to meet with members of Congress. They are pushing two bills next term, one, the TRAC ACT, tracks the actions of judges, prosecutors and police regarding crimes against children, the other, the War on Child
Predators Act, gives better funding to fight child pornography.
TRAC ACT: Track and Report Abuse of Children
This law is a full-disclosure bill that will require states to track and publicly report the practices of judges, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies regarding crimes against children. For example, the number of plea-bargains, sentence lengths, and verified locations of sex-offenders.
War on Child Predators Act -- Child Pornography and the Internet Crimes Against Children
Funding and accountability measures for law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies empowered to investigate and prosecute crimes against children. This law will focus on child pornography, but the funds used for forensic labs, investigators and U.S. Attorneys all dedicated to crimes against children will significantly improve the number of perpetrators apprehended and the number of children rescued from sexual abuse and exploitation.
Have we lost all our feelings for our children and if he can get by with this, then why are there so many in jails for the same crime. They could not use the excuse that "POPUPS or Accident" When he admitted to looking at them.
We are asking that a full-scale investigation be done in this case and all records be made public, which the police have on the Child Porn on his Computer.

To that end, there is “NO WAY” that any of our Government officials should let this man “LOBBY FOR ONE THING” until he comes forward and tells all.




ZMan! said...

More here:

His son Gerald:

And other son Joshua:

And an article of another man who lost his daughter, and had child porn, and is now in prison:

ZMan! said...

More on the child porn with my comments.

Child porn does not get into the Recycle Bin, unless it was downloaded and saved to another folder, then deleted, thus into the Recycle bin.

Every page you visit on the internet is placed into the Internet cache, so everything is downloaded.

See more at my blog above.

Anonymous said...

Read this it'll make you wonder what sort of pervert lundford really is

The coroner's report stated that Jessica's vagina showed
prior healed notches, clefts and scars in her hymenal remains in a 6,
and 12 o'clock position that were present before John Couey's rape

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